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CityCashCoin (CITY)

Bridging the gap between traditional and non traditional payment methods for cities and municipalities around the globe. Using cryptocurrency as a payment method is not a brand new idea, but it has yet to be integrated into our daily lives as a truly usable form of payment. The future is clear, and crypto is here to stay. Together, we will enable the next generation of smart contracts and settlement payments for Real Estate and city services.

Now Available on Mercatox Exchange and Uniswap!

The Largest Decentrailized Exchange on the Ethereum Network!

No ICO, crowdfunding,
or private sale of CityCashCoin.

Going directly to the exchanges lets the market value be determined by utilization and function by the general public.

Hold your CityCashCoin ERC-20 tokens with Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet

available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. They are secure, tested, and verified working with CityCashCoin.

Coinbase Wallet

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